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Prayer for the Month: Christ's Hands and Feet

We tend to think that Jesus went through life without suffering the inner difficulties and trials to which we are all subject. Yet he was fully human. In John's Gospel, after he had multiplied the loaves for the people, the crowd wanted to make him king (Jn.6:15) and, later, his relations wanted him to leave the backwoods of Galilee and go to Judaea, where he could show himself off as a ‘star' (Jn.7:1-9). Was he tempted? The account of Jesus' temptations in Matthew would seem to indicate that he was (Mt.4:1-11).

During his ministry, Jesus gathered friends around him to be his trusted companions. In Gethsemane, as he went through his agony, some of them were with him, although asleep most of the time. None the less, he loved them. Today, Jesus invites us to be present to him in the members of his Body, the Church. We are encouraged to gather as a community, present to our brothers and sisters. We are invited to be Christ's hands and feet on earth, and to see the face of Jesus in each human being who might need us to stay close by and watch awhile.

Your Daily Prayer
Lord Jesus Christ, you always did the will of your Father, and you were always open to his call, faithful to the end. Through the power of the Eucharist, inspire me this day with a heart like yours, ready, open and faithful. Like Mary, your mother, may I bring your love to those I meet.

I pray with Mary and the whole Church
For the Pope's intentions this month.

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