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Prayer for the Month: Gift from God

In recent years, a theory has gained ground in scientific circles: the Rare Earth theory. The basic gist of it is that the conditions needed to support complex life forms - fish, mammals, people - require a very rare combination of factors. The type of sun, our distance from it, the size of our moon, the presence of other larger planets in the solar system: all of these have figured in our story. Scientists have yet to find anything comparable in the known universe.

Looked at from a Christian point of view, you could say that creation is one great miracle, a wonderful gift from God - a one-off. And we are the masters of it: its care or neglect lies in our hands. Unfortunately, we have been slow to wake up to this fact of our stewardship. The oceans are plundered and polluted, rain-forests and animal habitats destroyed, and toxic gases continue to pour into the atmosphere. The short-term perspective of industry and profit makes an enemy of our future. We have lost sight of the sacredness of creation.

We can all do something in our own small way as individuals, but it is the leaders of nations who will decide the fate of our world.

Pray for their guidance.

Your Daily Prayer
O God, our Father, we thank you for waking us to see the light of this new day. Grant that we may waste none of its hours; soil none of its moments; neglect none of its opportunities; fail in none of its duties. And bring us to the evening time undefeated by temptation, at peace with ourselves and with you. This we ask for your love's sake.

I pray with Mary and the whole Church
For the Pope's intentions this month.

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