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The Prayer Corner

We invite you to join the Pope and Christians throughout the world in reflecting on his prayer intentions for the month. The prayer this month is:

Gift from God
That all of us, especially those in positions of worldly power, commit ourselves to care and concern for all creation.

That the name of God be a sign of peace in the lives of people of all religions.

If you would like to be part of the HSI Global Intercessary Prayer Group, please click here.

Prayers from previous months

  1. Care of the Sick
  2. Sharing Resources
  3. Strength of the Spirit
  4. Aid of Refugees
  5. World Youth Day
  6. Religious Freedom
  7. Faith and Knowledge
  8. Unconditional Love
  9. All God's Children
  10. Brothers and Sisters
  11. Human Trafficking
  12. Abuse of Women
  13. Conditions for Peace
  14. Generosity of our God
  15. Hungers of the Heart
  16. Preach the Gospel
  17. Hope against Hope
  18. The Word of God
  19. The First Disciple
  20. A Sailor's Lot
  21. The Common Good
  22. Christ's Hands and Feet
  23. Christian Unity
  24. Witnesses to the Faith
  25. The Dignity of Life
  26. Love One Another
  27. Helpless Shepherd
  28. Truth and Freedom
  29. Dare to Love
  30. Word of God

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