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The Bible Predicted Russia's Attack of Israel

A number of books of the Bible speak of future events. Ezekiel 38 (written approximately 600 B.C.) prophecies that in these times ("the latter days," v.16), Russia (referred to as the "Prince of Rosh"; see Smith's Bible Dictionary, p.584) will combine with Iran, Libya (in Hebrew called "Put"), and communistic Ethiopia (in Hebrew called "Cush"), and attack Israel (vv.5-8). This will take place after Israel peace initiative has been successful (v.11).

The Bible even gives the Russian reasoning for and the direction of the attack (vv. 10-15), as well as the location of the battle (Armageddon - Revelation 16:16). This is generally interpreted as meaning "the mountain of Megiddo," which is located on the north side of the plains of Jezreel.

Russia has had a foothold in the Middle East for many years: "The Soviets are entrenched around the rim of the Middle East heartland, in Afghanistan, South Yemen, Ethiopia and Libya" (Countdown in the Middle East," Reader's Digest, May 1982).

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