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Joel 2:1-10 relates a striking account of the coming Battle of Armageddon, the greatest of all battles. As this vision (which seems to entail flame-throwing tank warfare) was given to him approximately 2,800 years ago, the prophet relates it to the only thing he has seen in battle - horse-drawn chariots. Think of modern warfare and compare fire goes before them (v.3); they burn what is behind them (v.3); they destroy everything in their path (v.3); they move at the speed of a horse (30-40 mph, v.4); their rumbling sounds like the noise of many chariots and the roar of a fire (v.5); they climb over walls (v.7) they don't break ranks (v.7); the sword can't stop them (v.8); they climb into houses (v.9); and they make the earth quake (v.10).

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