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Holy Spirit Interactive Youth: Understanding the Catholic Faith

Understanding the Catholic Faith

Holy Spirit Interactive, in association with the Catholic Enquiry Center, a faith promotion outreach based in Australia, offers young "enquirers" a series of eighteen lessons, introducing Catholic beliefs and values. The course aims to help you to understand the Catholic faith, or to help you in your own search for faith.

  1. Salvation Through Christ
    'Sometimes I can't believe my dad could love me that much. Our family has been through all sorts of difficulties, and I for one have certainly been the cause of a lot of worry and heartache. Yet, no matter what I do, no matter what happens, dad is always there for me'. This comment from an 18 year old attests to the power of unconditional love at work in family life. How much more profound and inexplicable is the love that God offers our human family. More

Older Lessons

  1. Introducing Catholics - This is who we are
  2. Catholics in Practice - This Is What We Do
  3. The Catholic Message - This is what we believe
  4. Catholics Through The Ages - This is where we come from
  5. Catholics Forge Their Future: This is where we're going

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