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My Dear Young Friends: Pope John Paul II Speaks to Teens

Week Seven

Seek to do good to one another... (1 Thessalonians 5:15)

"Do not be satisfied with mediocrity. The kingdom of heaven is for those who are determined to enter it." --Pope John Paul II, Santiago, Spain

Think About That
Maybe you've heard the phrase, "If you're going to start a job, then finish it." Well, that's basically what the Holy Father is saying. If you're going to love God, then love God completely. If you're going to be kind to someone, then don't just be a little bit kind. Be completely kind. If you are going to forgive someone, forgive completely, not just partially.

Take Action
This week be determined to say at least one kind thing to every person you meet. This is not easy. It requires determination. At the end of the week give yourself a score. How did you do?

Say A Prayer
Lord, help me be determined to enter the kingdom of heaven by living my life the way you want me to live it every day.

Did You Know?
Pope John Paul II was ordained a priest on November 1, 1946

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