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Week Sixteen

My soul clings to you... (Psalms 63:8)

"The more you cling to Jesus the more capable you will become of being close to one another." --Pope John Paul II, World Youth Day XII

Think About That
"Cling to Jesus." Now that's an interesting description of what we ought to do. Shut your eyes for a moment and let an image of "clinging to Jesus" come to you. What feelings does that image cause you to have? Does it feel good to "cling to Jesus?"

Take Action
Every night this week, before you go to bed, spend fifteen minutes in quiet prayer. Just let the image of "clinging to Jesus" enter your mind. If you have a Bible, read Hebrews 4:14, which tells us to cling to Jesus and never stop trusting him.

Say A Prayer
Jesus, thank you for letting me cling to you. I pray that I may always trust you and that you will always be at my side. Amen.


Did You Know?
Pope John Paul II's birth name is Karol Wojtyla (pronounced Voy-tee-wah). He was born and raised near Krakow, Poland, under Nazism and the communist regime.

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