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Week Seventeen

Do what is just and right... (Ezekiel 45:9)

"It is especially for you, young people, to take on the great task of building a society where there will be more justice and solidarity." --Pope John Paul II, World Youth Day VI

Think About That
To build up a society where there is more justice and solidarity we must break down the barriers of hate and indifference. Hate is the opposite of justice, and indifference, not caring prevents us from building solidarity. There is no room for hate or indifference in the Christian life. We must love and we must care.

Take Action
In your school there is someone who experiences hatred or indifference from others. Who is that person or that group of people? What is one thing you will do this week to demonstrate care for that person or group of people?

Say A Prayer
Lord, help me to not have hate or indifference in my heart. Help me to always care about others and to treat others with love.


Did You Know?
John Paul II has traveled around the world more than any other Pope in history. He has visited more than 70 countries since 1978.

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