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You will be my witnesses... (Acts 1:8)

"Dear young people, proclaiming the Word of God is not the responsibility of priests or religious alone, but it is yours too. You must have the courage to speak about Christ in your families and in places where you study, work or recreate... There are places and circumstances where you alone can bring the seed of God's Word." --Pope John Paul II, World Youth Day VII

Think About That
Where are the places that "you alone" can share God's word with others? Are there people you know through school or work or sports or other activities that you can reach better than anyone else? Sharing God's word with them is a special thing you can do.

Take Action
Identify one person that you can share God's word with at school, at home, at work, or in some other place. Take time this week to talk with this person and share something of God's word with them. You may share something you read in the Bible or you may want to simply say kind words to them.

Say A Prayer
Lord, grant me the courage to accept the unique role I have in sharing your word with others. Grant me, also, the courage to share your word, to not be afraid to do so.


Did You Know?
John Paul II was installed as the Archbishop of Krakow, Poland, on March 8, 1964.

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