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He would withdraw to deserted places and pray... (Luke 5:16)

"In prayer you become one with the source of our true light, Jesus himself." --Pope John Paul II, St. Louis, Missouri

Think About That
Jesus often went off to pray as we read throughout the Gospel stories in the Bible. Why? It is in prayer that we are alone with God, in conversation with God. In prayer we can quiet ourselves enough to listen to God and in listening and believing we become one with God.

Take Action
Every night this week take twenty minutes before you go to bed to spend time in prayer. First, just quiet yourself. Then open your Bible to any page and let your eyes fall on a section. Read that section slowly. Now, just be quiet and reflect on what you read and listen to what you hear in your heart. Stay quiet and listening for at least 10 minutes.

Say A Prayer
Jesus, be with me when I pray to your Father as you did. Help me to be still and listen to what God has to say to me today. Amen.


Did You Know?
In 1956, Pope John Paul II was appointed Chair of Ethics at the Catholic University of Lublin.

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