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Honor your father and your mother... (Exodus 20:12)

"I am thinking especially of your parents, who cooperate with God in giving you life and in caring for you: honor them and be grateful for them!" --Pope John Paul II, World Youth Day XIV

Think About That
Have you ever stopped to think about how your parents are "cooperators" with God? Our parents work with God by loving us and working to provide for our needs. Their love for us comes from God. Sometimes we fail to recognize that.

Take Action
One night this week make dinner for your parents. Have a cake with candles to celebrate your gratitude for them. Have party favors--hats, noisemakers, and balloons--and make the dinner a real celebration.

Say A Prayer
Lord, I don't always show it, but I am so grateful for my parents, for all they do for me. They love me because you love them. Thank you for that.


Did You Know?
Pope John Paul II has made five pastoral visits to the United States of America.

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