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Forgive, and you will be forgiven... (Luke 6:37)

"In this Sacrament (Reconciliation)... you are freed from sin and from its ugly companion which is shame. Your burdens are lifted and you experience the joy of new life in Christ." --Pope John Paul II, St. Louis, Missouri

Think About That
Shame is that yucky feeling we have when we know we have done something wrong--something that goes against what God wants us to do. The way to get rid of the burden of shame is to seek forgiveness and to live our life like Jesus did from now on. When we do that, joy is the feeling we have inside.

Take Action
When is the last time you received the Sacrament of Reconciliation? Check with your parish to see when the Sacrament is offered this week. Plan on going to receive the Sacrament and experience the lifting of the burden of shame that the Holy Father speaks of.

Say A Prayer
Lord, help me to know that when I feel shame it is because I have done something against your will. Help me to forgive others and to ask for forgiveness of others when I do wrong. Fill me with the feeling of joy.


Did You Know?
Pope John Paul II was nearly killed by an assassin in 1981. Pope John Paul II, instead of harboring a lot of hatred towards his would-be killer, went to the prison where the assassin was being held and forgave him.

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