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We have gifts that differ... (Romans 12:6)

"For little by little you recognize the 'talent' or 'talents' which each of you has, and you begin to use them in a creative way, you begin to increase them." --Pope John Paul II, Dilecti Amici

Think About That
Talents are funny things. The more you recognize them the more you use them, and the more you use them the more you develop them. Talents grow, but only if we use them.

Take Action
What is one talent you think you have? This week, find three ways to use that talent in creative ways. At the end of the week, ask yourself, "What did I learn about myself by using this talent this week?"

Say A Prayer
Lord, my talents are gifts from you. Thank you for these gifts. Help me to use my talents for the good of others so that my talents may grow and accomplish your will.


Did You Know?
The Pope is also a civil ruler, serving as the Head of State of the Vatican City that has a population of about 1,000 people.

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