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Set free from sin... (Romans 6:18)

"To be truly free does not at all mean doing everything that pleases me, or doing what I want to do... To be truly free means to use one's own freedom for what is a true good." --Pope John Paul II, Dilecti Amici

Think About That
As we grow up, especially in our teenage years, we begin to discover more about what freedom means. We get to do things we never could do before. The trap is that we can begin to think that means we can do whatever we want to do. But, if we call ourselves Christians then we must always do what Jesus would do.

Take Action
Make ten small cards with the phrase: "Set yourself free. Do something good for someone else today!" This week, distribute the cards to ten people you know and ask them to take action on the saying within one week. Tell them it's like their "get out of jail free" card from Monopoly.

Say A Prayer
Lord, help me to be truly free by doing what you ask of me rather than doing whatever I feel like doing regardless of what it is.


Did You Know?
The large pointed hat worn by the Pope is called a mitre. It is a ceremonial headdress worn for liturgical celebrations.

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