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The ways of life... (Acts 2:28)

"It is along the paths of daily life that you can meet the Lord!" --Pope John Paul II, World Youth Day XII

Think About That
When you wake up each morning, think about the "path" you take through your house to get ready for the day. Now, where along that "path" might you "meet the Lord?" Is it in your brother or sister as they rush for the same bathroom? Maybe the Lord is in your mom or dad as they get breakfast ready for you?

Take Action
This week as you walk along the "paths" to wherever you are going, keep your eyes open for the Lord. At the end of each day, name one place you saw the Lord along the "paths" of your life.

Say A Prayer
Lord, I know that you are everywhere. You are in the people I meet everyday. Please, help me today to see you in the faces of my family, friends, teachers, and even strangers.


Did You Know?
The Pope's paternal grandparents were Maciej and Anna Wojtyla. His paternal grandfather was a master tailor.

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