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Week Thirty-Seven

Testify to the light... (John 1:8)

"Do not be afraid of presenting Christ to someone who does not yet know Him." --Pope John Paul II, World Youth Day VII

Think About That
This is a really big challenge that the Holy Father presents to us. There are people we know and meet each day that do not yet know about Christ. We are asked to present Christ to them both in the way we live and in the way we treat them. We must also tell them about Christ and his good work.

Take Action
Who is someone you know that does not yet know Christ--who is not a Christian? This week, take time to talk with this person. Invite him or her to come to Mass with you sometime or to join you at a youth group meeting or other activity as a way to get to know about Christ and the church.

Say A Prayer
Lord, your word is so wonderful, such good news, that I want to share it with others, especially those who have not yet had a chance to get to know you. Give me the courage to share your word with them.


Did You Know?
Pope John Paul II was consecrated Cardinal at the Sistine Chapel on June 28, 1967.

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