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Week 44

To you I lift up my eyes... (Psalms 123:1)

"Dear young people... learn to lift your hearts in an attitude of contemplation." --Pope John Paul II, World Youth Day XV

Think About That
Contemplation is about being present to something. When you are present to someone you are completely there for him or her, paying full attention. That's what we are asked to do each day with Jesus. We are asked to learn to be really present, to pay full attention to and listen to Jesus in our heart everyday.

Take Action
Contemplation is something we can learn. It takes practice. So today, practice contemplation. When you get in a situation today that requires you to make a choice about something, first pause before deciding and contemplate what Jesus would do or say. Try this each time you are faced with a choice and soon you will be doing it naturally.

Say A Prayer
Lord, help me to learn how to be present to you in all the situations of my life. Thank you for being present to me always.


Did You Know?
In 1944, the Russians freed Krakow from Nazi occupation. In that same year, Pope John Paul II entered his third year of theological studies, preparing for the priesthood.

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