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Week 45

Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit... (Phil 2:3)

"Selfishness makes people deaf and dumb; love opens eyes and hearts." --Pope John Paul II, World Youth Day XI

Think About That
Selfishness is caring only about yourself. When you are so consumed with caring only about yourself, you can't hear the needs of others and you can't speak words of concern for others. Instead of being selfish, Jesus calls us to love. Love is the opposite of selfishness, it opens us up to others, and it causes us to want to give of ourselves for others.

Take Action
We all have moments when we are selfish. Identify one thing you do that is an act of selfishness. How can you convert your selfishness to an act of love?

Say A Prayer
Lord, you know when I am selfish. Help me to see when I act selfishly and to choose to instead act with love and concern for others.


Did You Know?
On October 16, 1978, Pope John Paul II was elected the 264th Successor of Peter at approximately 5:15 p.m.

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