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The Pope Speaks

Week 52

Pray in the Spirit at all times in every prayer... (Ephesians 6:18)

"Pray and learn to pray! ... Deepen your knowledge of the Word of the Living God by reading and meditating on the Scriptures." --Pope John Paul II, Dilecti Amici

Think About That
We come to know God better through prayer and through reading and meditating on the Scriptures. Praying is more than just saying words. It is entering into a conversation with God. We can enter prayer by first reading from the Bible and meditating on what we have read. From there we can talk and listen to God.

Take Action
Take your Bible and read the story of Jesus praying in Gethsemane (Mark 14:32-42). After reading the story, sit quietly. What are your thoughts after reading this story? Now, enter into a conversation with God about your thoughts?

Say A Prayer
Lord, teach me to pray as you did in Gethsemane. I want to be a faithful disciple that "stays awake" in our relationship. Amen.


Did You Know?
The Pope was always a good student. He received high marks from elementary school through graduate studies.

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