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The Pope Speaks
Holy Spirit Interactive Youth: The Pope Speaks to Youth

My Dear Young Friends: Pope John Paul II Speaks to Teens

Young people around the world adore Pope John Paul II. He has won their hearts and minds because he genuinely believes in their ability to change the world for the better. He cares about them. He respects them. Most important, he challenges them to a deep and profound love for Christ through his church. In a rapidly changing world, the pope’s unwavering message of life, love, and courage inspires and enlivens in their hearts a burning fire for the Good News of Jesus Christ!

We are pleased to bring you a collection of fifty-two weekly reflections on living in the Spirit.

This week: Pray at all Times

From Past Weeks

  1. I will not be afraid!
  2. The integrity of the upright guides them
  3. Remember the poor
  4. I am with you always
  5. And they recognized him
  6. Be hospitable
  7. Seek to do good to one another
  8. Love one another
  9. My peace I give to you
  10. We are ambassadors for Christ
  11. Clothe yourself with love
  12. Do not seek your own advantage
  13. You shall be happy
  14. Christ has set us free
  15. I am poor and needy
  16. Clinging to Jesus
  17. Do what is just and right!
  18. The truth will make you free
  19. Set An Example
  20. Do not love the world
  21. Let your light shine
  22. Be My Witnesses
  23. Communicate with God
  24. Consider Your Own Call
  25. Commit Your Work to the Lord
  26. You Need Endurance
  27. Honor Your Father and Your Mother
  28. Do Not Lag In Zeal
  29. Forgive, And You Will Be Forgiven
  30. Using Your Gifts
  31. Sing To The Lord
  32. Be Holy!
  33. Set Free From Sin
  34. Be A Shining Light
  35. The Ways of Life
  36. Draw Near To God
  37. Testify To The Light
  38. Keep Up Your Courage!
  39. Be At Peace
  40. The Assurance of Faith
  41. Eye of the Needle
  42. Teach Me To Do Your Will
  43. The Way, the Truth and the Life
  44. To You I Lift Up My Eyes
  45. Do Nothing from Selfish Ambition
  46. The Hard Road
  47. If The Lord Wishes
  48. God is Awesome
  49. There is No Fear in Love
  50. Vanity of Vanities
  51. Keep Yourself Pure

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