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In today's high-pressure, fast-paced world, it's not easy being a teenager. You're faced with difficult situations every day. Friends and peers may pressure you to do things you don't want to do. They may pressure you to do things you thing you might want to do, but know you shouldn't. What you need is the strength, resolve and encouragement to pass up those temporarily enticing and exciting things in order to work towards God's destiny for your life.

The following devotionals are designed to encourage and inspire you to discover, desire and implement God's divine plan for your life. The quotes and scriptures will give you something on which to meditate, and the devotional stories will help you to apply their principles. Is life challenging? Sure ... but with God's help and guidance your future is great!

This Week

Showers of Faith

From Previous Weeks

  1. How the Bamboo Bends
  2. The Beginning of Atonement
  3. Easter Truth
  4. Tongue Twister
  5. Stylish Saints
  6. Get In Tune
  7. Preacher Perfect
  8. Living Waters
  9. His Twice Over
  10. A New Heart
  11. The Bread of Life
  12. Knock, Knock, Who's There?
  13. What Fruit Do You Bear?
  14. Perseverance
  15. The Least of Your Brothers
  16. The Heart of a Child
  17. Have a Good Crop!
  18. Possibilities!
  19. Going Against The Flow!
  20. If Heaven Had Voice Mail
  21. Holding Hands Together
  22. How the Bamboo Grows!
  23. What Language Does God Speak?
  24. The Mark of a Friend
  25. Now Wasn't That A Great Sermon!
  26. Six-Foot Chopsticks
  27. Watch Out!
  28. Perseverance
  29. Changing Your Life
  30. Ending the Darkness
  31. On The Road
  32. False Pride
  33. Whatsoever You Do ...
  34. The Living Dead
  35. Dead or Alive?
  36. What's Your Attitude?
  37. A Sheep's Tail
  38. Streams of Living Water
  39. Paid For - Twice Over
  40. Judas and Jesus
  41. I Can ...
  42. The Great Wall
  43. The Monkey's Paw
  44. Peace-Maker
  45. Diagnosis
  46. The Death of the Church
  47. The Beggars
  48. Free!
  49. Heart Condition
  50. The Tiger Within
  51. Seek Ye First

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