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by Fr. Jack McArdle with Aneel Aranha

"Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 18:3)

Dad and mum took their litte sons wth them to the supermarket one Thursday evening to do the weekly shopping. They filled up the trolley and arrived at the check-out. The girl at the counter looked at them and with a wide smile waved them on, saying: "Go on; everything is free today. There's no charge."

What do you imagine is the reaction of the parents?

There just don't believe it and begin putting the items on the register conveyer belt. When the girl continues to insist that it is all free, and there's no charge, the father does to mental check to ensure that it isn't April Fool's Day. It isn't.

Then it dawns on him. He's on Candid Camera! He smiles as he looks around, and continues to transfer his shopping from the trolley to the conveyor belt. When the girl insists that there is no charge, the parents begin to get annoyed. A joke is a joke, but they are in a hurry, and they can't be standing around here all day.

In the meantime, where are the kids? They heard the magic word "Free" and are dashing around the supermarket with a trolley, grabbing boxes of sweets, crisps, and everything else they can think of off the shelves! They have no problem whatsoever understanding what free means, and see the situation as an opportunity, rather than a problem!

Unless you have the heart of a child, says Jesus, you will never understand the great truths He speaks about and experience the freedom that He promises those who believe in Him.

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