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Friday, June 22, 2018
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Holy Spirit Interactive: Your Complete Guide to Youth Ministry

Your Complete Guide to Youth Ministry

Have you ever wanted to set up a Youth Ministry in your parish or community, but didn't quite know how to get started? Holy Spirit Interactive, which has begun working actively with youth on several fronts, presents a 52-week course that will take you through all the steps you need to build a vigorous, purpose-driven Youth Ministry within a year's time.

Every week, you will find new articles showing you how to work with youngsters, gaining their trust and their loyalty. You will also find a series of activites that will allow you to teach the youth about God, Scripture and other spiritual matters in a fun and interesting manner.

Week Nine:

ICE-BREAKER: Picture Perfect!
An activity to help everybody express themselves. More

ACTIVITY: Perseverance
Help the youth understand the meaning and the importance of perseverence in day-to-day life. More

ARTICLE: Persistance Pays
How not to let counterinfluences, opposition or discouragement obstruct your way. More

Week Eight:

An activity to introduce newcomers into the group with a lesson on unity. More

ACTIVITY: Fruit and Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Help the youth understand the nature and purpose of the Fruit and Gifts of the Spirit. More

ARTICLE: When are you gonna grow up, man?
Some answers to interesting questions about youth ministry. More

Week Seven:

ICE-BREAKER: Bible Mime!
An activity to help youth ease up with each other, while having loads of fun. More

ACTIVITY: Understanding God's Provision
Help youth understand that God provides our needs and not our wants! More

ARTICLE: Are you like Batman or Superman?
Are you a Batman Christian or are you a Superman Christian? More

Week Six:

ICE-BREAKER: Couch Control!
An activity to help youth learn one another's names. More

ACTIVITY: Love Me Tender
Introduce the youth to an understanding of 'Christian Love.' More

ARTICLE: Check Your Bearings!
Walking with Christ means working with Christ. More

Week Five:

ICE-BREAKER: Common Interests!
An activity to help youth discover shared interests and participate in a lively discussion. More

ACTIVITY: Banana Surgery
Help the youth understand that things taken apart aren't as easily put back together. More

ARTICLE: Spiritual Guidance Skills
Leaders should set aside some disciplined time each day to be alone with God. More

Week Four:

ICE-BREAKER: Curtain Down!
A fast paced and very entertaining game that gets the youth to get to remember each other's names. More

Introduce the youth to some of the names of Jesus in the Bible. More

ARTICLE: Building Organizational Skills
Organizational skills can make the difference between an average youth ministry and an exceptional one. More

Week Three:

ICE-BREAKER: I'm Shy But I Don't Know It!
Here's another great way of getting people introduced to one another while having a fairly riotous time! More

Help the youth discover more about the Bible through this Bible Trivia Quiz. More

ARTICLE: Building Relational Skills
Effective youth ministry requires leaders who have worked to improve their skills as spiritual leaders. More

Week Two:

ICE-BREAKER: The Ice-Melter
The Ice-Melter will help you break the ice - umm, melt the ice - with your new group. More

Help the youth discover the Bible through a scripture based crossword. More

ARTICLE: Do's and Don'ts
When working with youth, it is essential to keep some guidelines in mind. Here are a list of do's and dont's. More

Week One:

ICE-BREAKER: The Balloon Game
The Balloon Game is a very simple - and noisy! - ice-breaker to put your new young friends at ease. More

Using the analogy of road signs, this activity helps youth discover some Biblical truths. More

Working with youth is a challenge. But it is also a blessing and a rewarding ministry. More

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