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by Kim Jones

With career sales of more than 1 million, seven No. 1 radio hits, 16 Top 5 singles and multiple Dove Award nominations under their belt, FFH members Jeromy and Jennifer Deibler, Brian Smith and Michael Boggs could easily rest on their laurels and stay tucked away in their place among Christian music's most elite if they chose to do so. But they're more committed than ever to making music that reflects Jesus in real life… bold in their faith, honest in their lives.

"Our biggest reward is seeing people's lives changed," Brian says. "If we weren't able to see that happening every night, it would be difficult to keep doing what we do."

Listen to the new FFH single
Worth It All
from their new CD Voice From Home
Jennifer adds, "It's so easy for me to get wrapped up in my every day and just focus on all that is going on with me. But God's been showing me how none of that really matters. It's so important to see the things that are eternal."

"I think it's pretty cool that after five records and thousands of concerts, as a band we're still committed to the same thing we were on the first record," Michael says.

"More than ever, we know that God has called us to reach people, and we can't do that effectively by staying inside the walls of the church every night," Jeromy adds. "But wherever we go, we want people to know who we are and that we love Christ. That's still what it's all about, and it always will be."

FFH Discography

  1. Voice From Home (2006)
  2. Still The Cross (2004)
  3. Ready to Fly (2003)
  4. Have I Ever Told You (2001)
  5. Found A Place (2000)
  6. I Want To Be Like You (1998)
  7. Take Me As I Am (1998)
  8. One of These Days (1998)
  9. Called A Christian (1996)

6 No.1 Hits

  1. "You Found Me"
  2. "Before It Was Said"
  3. "Watching Over Me"
  4. "One of These Days"
  5. "On My Cross"
  6. "I Want To Be Like You"

10 Top 5 Hits

  1. "Good To Be Free"
  2. "Ready to Fly"
  3. "We Sing Alleluia"
  4. "Found A Place"
  5. "So Is His Love"
  6. "Fly Away"
  7. "Your Love Is Life To Me"
  8. "One Of These Days"
  9. "Open Up The Sky"
  10. "When I Praise"

For more about FFH, including samples of their music, visit their web site.

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