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by Kim Jones

Propelled into the mainstream spotlight by the smash hit I Can Only Imagine, MercyMe is conquering unchartered areas for a Christian rock group.

I Can Only Imagine delivered an unabashedly strong message about what heaven might be like. It quickly became apparent that it was a message the post-September 11 America needed desperately to hear. The No. 1 song, which got several Dove Awards including Song of the Year, garnered heavy airplay at pop, country and AC radio stations nationwide.

Millions of people who may not have ever considered themselves fans of Christian music suddenly found themselves singing along to the song's chorus. The million-selling album Almost There took its place along such pop acts as Justin Timberlake and J Lo on the Billboard Top 200 pop charts for months.

The band evolved from being Christian music's fastest-selling new act to one of the most successful bands in all genres, selling more than 2 million records in 3 years and earning an AMA nomination.

MercyMe followed Almost There in 2001 with 2002's Spoken For, which was certified gold and produced two more No. 1 hits. Undone hit the stores in 2004. Now the band, which has been together for about ten years, has grown beyond its label as "a Christian band" and become nationally known as a great rock group that tackles such serious themes as God and love. Their music is appealing to both devout Christians who study the Bible and young teens who devour Rolling Stone.

MercyMe Discography

  1. All That Is Within Me (2007)
  2. Coming Up to Breathe (2006)
  3. The Christmas Sessions (2005)
  4. Undone (2004)
  5. Spoken For (2002)
  6. Almost There (2001)

MercyMe Quick Facts

  1. Song of the Year Dove Award for I Can Only Imagine
  2. Songwriter of the Year Dove Award for Bart Millard, writer of I Can Only Imagine
  3. Top Selling Group in the Lifetime sales of Mardels and LifeWay retail chains
  4. Several other artists have recorded special versions of I Can Only Imagine
  5. Close to 250,000 fans in 31 cities experienced MercyMe on the "One Nation Tour."

Learn more about MercyMe by visiting their web site.

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