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Nicole C. Mullen

by Kim Jones

Nicole C. Mullen may have played places like Carnegie Hall and the Royal Albert Hall, and she may have 20 Grammy and Dove awards nominations to her credit. But she believes that the people who occupy the seats in her audiences should be as proud of their accomplishments as she is of her own.

Her list of achievements is impressive. After touring with acts like Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith and The Newsboys, she wrote Jaci Velasquez' "On My Knees," which brought Nicole her first Dove Award. She collected six Doves, sold more than 1 million albums, and hit #1 in several formats. Along the way, her "Redeemer" was named Song of the Year by the Gospel Music Association, and the AC Song of the Year in CCM magazine. While she has a lot to be proud of, Nicole takes none of her good fortune for granted. She views her career as a chance to connect with everyday people from other walks of life. "I sing to a hurting audience," Mullen says, "because I live in a hurting world so I feel like it's part of my job to present hope."

Nicole, a wife and mother, doesn't just sing. She is active with International Needs Network Ghana to work at freeing Trokosi slaves and is the founder of the Baby Girls Club, in which she mentors a group of girls in her area, opening up her home to provide them clothes, honest counsel or simple friendship.


  1. 2003 Dove Award Nomination, "Song of the Year" for "Come Unto Me" (songwriter)
  2. 2003 Dove Award Nomination, "Inspirational Song of the Year" (Artist/Songwriter)
  3. 2003 Dove Award Nomination, "Female Vocalist of the Year"
  4. 2003 Dove Award Nomination, "Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year" for "Come"
  5. 2002 Grammy Nomination, Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album of the Year, "Talk"
  6. 2002 Dove Award, "Female Vocalist of the Year"
  7. 2002 Dove Award, "Short Form Video of the Year" for "Call On Jesus"
  8. 2002 Dove Award Nomination, "Songwriter of the Year"
  9. 2002 Dove Award Nomination, "Song of the Year" for "Call On Jesus" (songwriter)
  10. 2002 Dove Award Nomination, "Artist of the Year"
  11. 2002 Dove Award Nomination, "Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year" (Artist/Songwriter)
  12. 2002 Dove Award Nomination, "Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year" for Talk
  13. 2001 Dove Award, Song of the Year; "Redeemer"
  14. 2001 Dove Award, Songwriter of the Year
  15. 2001 Dove Award, Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song; "Redeemer" (Artist/Songwriter)
  16. 2001 SESAC Christian Songwriter of the Year
  17. 2001 Dove Award Nomination, Female Vocalist of the Year
  18. 1998 Dove Award, Song of the Year; "On My Knees" (co-writer)

Nicole C. Mullen Discography

  1. Everyday People (2004)
  2. Live From Cincinnati, Bringin' It Home (2003)
  3. Talk About It (2001)

For more about Nicole C. Mullen , including samples of her music, visit her web site.

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